Did You Know??

After a lengthy survey and follow up with many coaches we hope to share the value of our coaching staff and what they mean to our community.

Below you will find fun facts about our coaches and how much they care about CHS students and our district.


Did you know that Head Coach contact hours per student athlete in season, is similar to that of the yearly total for teachers student contact hours per class?

Did you know that ALL coaches have to be 1st aid certified every two years?

Did you know that ALL coaches have to go through the same yearly Safe Schools District training full time staff member do?

Did you know that ALL coaches have to have to be a certified teacher or go through NFHS coaches certification to be eligible to coach?

Did you know that ALL coaches have to take yearly rules tests for their sport through MSHSAA?

Did you know that CHS coaches average over 13+ years of experience with almost 6 of those at Clayton?

Did you know that 50% of CHS coaches average more than 3 hours per day in season on practice, game(s), scouting, and plans etc.?

Did you know that more than 50% of CHS coaches have 250+ student contact hours IN-season?

Did you know that over a third of our programs have 50 or more hours of open facilities throughout the school year?

Did you know that almost 40% of our coaches have 50 or more student contact hours during the MSHSAA 20 day summer practice period while almost 10% of coaches have 100 or more hours?

Did you know that over 25% of our coaches put in over 400 hours per year on their sport?

Did you know that over 50% of our programs average 20-40 athletes per team?

Did you know CHS coaches feel they have a very strong connection with over 90% of their athletes?

Did you know CHS coaches feel they have a strong relationship with over 75% of their athletes?

Did you know 80% of coaches communicate to players/parents/families multiple times a week?

Did you know?

  • Almost 50% of our coaches communicate with group texts
  • Over 50% of our coaches communicate with Messaging Apps like Group Me
  • Over 80% of our coaches communicate through email

Did you know?

  • almost 20% of our coaches are contacted by local reporters
  • over 40% of our coaches report information on STLToday
  • over 50% of our programs have a thriving booster club
  • over 50% of our coaches report information on MSHSAA
  • over 50% of our coaches report information to CHS announcements

Did you know that more than 50% of our coaches feel that there is at least a moderate safety and liability concern for their sport?

Did you know that more than 50% of our coaches spend moderate to significant time maintaining facilities and equipment to ensure the safety of our athletes?

Did you know 100% of coaches feel that their concerns for safety and liability are shared by the athletic office?

Community Value

CHS coaches feel that athletics bring value to the Clayton community in the following ways (WORD CLOUD):

Examples of Value that Athletics and our Coaches bring to our community:

  • Helps foster unity and community that radiates from the school to the whole Clayton community.
  • Athletics are a reflection of who we are as a community. It becomes our responsibility to represent the community to shine light on what Clayton is and can be.
  • High school sports brings students of different backgrounds, cultures and abilities together to collaborate and work towards a common goal. They’re challenged emotionally and physically just as they will be in life. I believe that playing sports keeps students healthy: emotionally, socially and otherwise.
  • It gives the community excitement, entertainment and pride.
  • Athletics brings a community together. There are many times we see the community coming to sporting events as a means of entertainment. It is important to keep the community involved and interested and I feel we can do that as an athletic department.
  • Gives the community a sense if pride, identity and a way to experience things vicariously.
  • Brings a common bond and pride about the community.
  • Being able to share ideas, failures and celebrations. Being able to work as a team to set attainable and accomplish common goals
  • Civic pride and respect for the community
  • Pride in knowing that the kids are getting every chance to develop into strong citizens.
  • Athletics provides a great opportunity for our community families to bond. I am personally trying to help develop relationships with our parents and their families in an effort to give them more reason to come to our games. I think it gives the community a great opportunity to see how awesome our kids are.
  • Honor
  • It’s a positive and wholesome activity creates a bond among community members that unites people to a common cause
  • Bonds alumni to their school, is a reason that some may move to Clayton to be part of a well run sports program
  • It gives the community a rallying point for supporting the school and gives the students who may not be a part of academic recognition a chance to be part of the face of the school.
  • Fraternity
  • Sportsmanship
  • Well rounded student
  • Softball provides great value to the community. It allows girls to feel part of a team and be successful.
  • It provides a sense of togetherness. It is an activity that can bring different cultures together for one common purpose.
  • Football and all athletics bond the community together. They give community members an opportunity to get away from their individual lives, and come together for a time to support one common cause, the success of the team.
  • Sense of community, purpose, something to belong to …
  • To the community athletics brings the community together and Athletics gives us a sense of pride.
  • School awareness and traditions
  • It can bring families together in a different setting.
  • It makes the community proud when the team dose well.
  • I think it shows the community about dedication and commitment.
  • Athletics can provide a common experience for everyone in the school community to be proud of.
  • ..it helps everyone feel a part of CHS Athletics…..students, siblings, parents, extended family, coaches, administrators, faculty, and members of the local business community.
  • entertainment, community bonding, friendships among parents and families, pride
  • healthy activity and connectedness to school/community

Leadership Opportunities

Did you know our coaches are constantly promoting leadership to our athletes on and off the field such as? (WORD CLOUD):


  • Encourage kids to help each other with specific skills or technique, encourage mingling of swimmers with different abilities, encourage swimmers to seek help for academic, social or physical challenges Foster a “take care of myself, my friends, my community” attitude
  • Interaction with underclassmen
  • I have captains run all warm ups, they also will speak to athletes before concerns come to me to see if they can resolve the problems first.
  • Classroom discussions including “being a better you” and how to support and lead your peers
  • Captains speak with officials, other coaches and players pre/during/post game
  • Big Sister/Little Sister program
  • Mentoring new students
  • Having more skilled players demonstrate to less skilled players
  • Promoting athletes being leaders in the classroom
  • We’ve given players opportunities to lead during warm up activities, ability to input signs that coaches would normally input on the field, and continue to have an open line of communication between players and coaches to empower our student athletes to be part of building a sense of family.
  • Our captains and aspiring captains are given the opportunity to lead the younger members of the team by example as well as vocally on the field, and in the locker room.
  • I always encourage my students to participate in other activities besides track. I also promote education and talk to the students about being involved in the student body and making their high school years count. It is an important part of their lives and they will never have another time like this. I really encourage them to make their high school years count.
  • Promote and provide community relations Ex. Clayton Rec child’s soccer clinic.
  • Special needs children soccer camp.
  • I always encourage them to lead and to create opportunities when possible.
  • Encourage athletes to sit in the front of class
  • “Dress for Success” which requires students to dress professionally at school
  • Encourage athletes to get involved with leadership opportunities in school- STUGO, Link Crew, etc.
  • Players organize and run the youth clinics.
  • Participate on The Mayor’s Council.
  • Captain leadership, team bonding, friendships
  • Captains Council

Program Perception

What our coaching staff wants the perception of the district and community to be (WORD CLOUD):

Examples of what our Coaches want the Program Perception to be:

  • Mentor
  • Good students who are also good athletes
  • A program filled with campus/community leaders that leave a legacy of character and class.
  • While teaching a life-long sport, we promote camaraderie and sportsmanship while encouraging student/athletes to push beyond their perceived limits.
  • Hard working dedicated athletes committed to their sport
  • I would like for people to see our program as a competitive team that helps to develop students with proper life skills and the attitude of a gentleman.
  • That we stride for excellence.
  • Hard working student athletes who try their best in everything they do. High academic achievement and student that go on a participate in college level track and field.
  • One in which players are known for giving maximum effort regardless of score that elevates performance past skill level.
  • A first class team that shows sportsmanship, respects each other and those around them, disciplined, hustles and cares about their school.
  • That our program is filled with character driven young men and that we are striving to be successful both on and off the court.
  • Every athlete has a positive experience and learns important life skills
  • First class, empowering to the kids and always pursuing excellence in every facet of the program.
  • I want the district and the community to perceive the volleyball program as a premier, competitive program that develops its players into strong leaders.
  • Positive role models and great young men
  • Develops respectful, outgoing and great leaders while winning
  • An inclusive program where we work with all levels of golf experience. One where there is great team comradery both on and off the course among players and coaches.
  • A close knit group who are fierce competitors
  • We are one of the leading and most established tennis programs in the St. Louis area that has a winning tradition
  • We are growing in quantity AND quality! We also work hard to provide your golfer with college scholarship opportunities.
  • fun, positive, learning experience and what being on a team means
  • We are a family of student athletes that are passionate about the game of baseball, and are grateful for the opportunity to build character that will benefit us beyond the walls of Clayton High School. Greyhound Pride!
  • Great student athletes
  • That we represent the school with integrity and full effort.
  • Great people…hard-working, respectful program
  • As a strong proponent of cross-country
  • Hardworking, upstanding athletes who promote positive sportsmanship for every sport team.
  • Strong dive program
  • N/A
  • I would like people to look at the softball team as hard working on and off the field. We are a family and I want others to want to join and support us.
  • That we are tough, competitive team that plays the game the right way.
  • That we are a strong team of young men who represent the school well on and off the field.
  • hard working, respectful
  • The perception I would like to have is that we have a fundamental program that is all inclusive to all levels. I would also like to put out there we develop you not just as a student, but we develop well rounded people.
  • Welcoming sport that encourages confidence, academic strong, and promotes college opportunities if the player desires to continue on!
  • Students who work hard and achieve in the classroom. Students who are good role models in our community, want to improve and are willing to learn more about the game of soccer. Kids that model good sportsmanship.
  • that we have good and competitive teams and are well coach.
  • I think I would like the perception of the program to be one of hard work and good character. Our students are dedicated to being great on and off the field.
  • I would like to help turn around the general negative perception of football as a sport and that CHS football is dying. I want to help promote involvement in Clayton football and see it once again become a winning program.
  • That our students represent themselves, their school, and their team, in a positive manner on and off the field.
  • We are a program that plays the game the right way fundamentally with passion. A program where all players feel valued regardless of ability. A program where players noticeably grow as baseball players and people.
  • hard work; unified; tough; greyhound pride
  • Centered around building relationships and team unity to make tennis life long sport
  • Hard working and respectful

Hard working student/athletes who are good sports and better citizens

Strength of CHS Coaching Staff

Get to know some of the Strengths of our Coaching Staff (WORD CLOUD):Examples of Coaching Staff Strengths are:

  • Positive motivator
  • Relationship building
  • I’m always challenging myself to get better (coaching, relationships, etc…)
  • Encouraging swimmers to push beyond their perceived limits
  • Building rapport
  • Understanding of the sport I coach
  • Caring for Student-athletes well-being
  • I empower my athletes to make decisions for themselves. I encourage them to look at themselves and discover new ways to push themselves not only in practice but outside our sport.
  • Communication, motivation, preparation.
  • Patience
  • Building relationships and willingness to connect to our students. Being available and willing to be a sounding board and advocate for our students.
  • Empathy, and mentorship
  • My ability to help each player learn that the pursuit of excellence is a skill that will serve them well throughout their lives.
  • Forming positive relationships with my players.
  • Teaching the players how to play fundamental football
  • Relationships/ Feedback
  • Ability to communicate on-course strategies as well as teaching golf swing mechanics
  • Building the relationship between coach and players and player to player
  • I am a former CHS player and parent who cares about each player as if they were my own.
  • Motivation, course strategy, communication with students & parents
  • Knowledge of the game
  • Relationships with players. Knowing them not just as baseball players, and also connecting with families.
  • Being approachable and enthusiastic for the game
  • Empowering the athletes to maximize their improvement and performance in contests
  • Passion for my kids.
  • Ability to connect with athletes.
  • patience
  • I communicate well, give them confidence and support their goals
  • Teaching players that you are a student before an athlete. We have many players join the softball team that have never played the game before. I am responsible for teaching them the fundamentals along with basic game knowledge.
  • My ability to develop relationships with the players. They know I am tough but I care about them.
  • My greatest strength is connecting with my team. I have very strong bonds with a large number of our athletes.
  • in practice coaching techniques, knowledge and experence of then sport
  • My greatest strength as a coach is encouragement.
  • Building confidence, connecting the players together despite their different backgrounds
  • Adjusting to players personalities and how they learn and respond
  • experience and knowledge of the game
  • I think my greatest strength as a coach is my relationship building that I do with our student athletes. As a teacher I forward to forging solid relationships with my students that not only educates them but helps uplift them.
  • Knowledge, Experience, Flexibility
  • Building relationships with my student athletes.
  • Communication to parents and players, making every player feel valued regardless of role on the team, continually embracing a growth mindset and that athletics are a means to a much great end of personal growth compared to wins and losses.
  • positive; motivational; reliable; able to teach kids skills; patient and encouraging
  • Building relationships with players and encouraging team bonding/relationships
  • Respectable
  • 26 years of experience- Knowledge of the game and life lessons

Team Bonding

Did you know over 50% of our coaches plan team building exercises outside of practice? (WORD CLOUD):

Examples of team building exercises are:

  • Team outings (meals), scouting opponents together, socials
  • Bowling, Movies, going to college basketball game
  • Volunteer activities in the community.
  • Team dinners, going to see another team play (Wash U or another sport at Clayton), volleyball BBQ, assisting with Big Sister/Little Sister program
  • Senior Day, Scavenger Hunt, Team Dinner, Ice cream, Charity fundraiser for Siteman Cancer with another school
  • We’ve been to Camp Manitowa, and also take the players to Kentucky over Spring Break.
  • Every 2 or 3 weeks we do a character building lesson. We also have team dinners on game nights and do 1 or 2 fun activities during the season that have nothing to do with our sport.
  • T-shirt dying, bow making, big sister/little sister
  • We have planned community service outings and the track banquet
  • We try to have dinner nights, ice cream social for the players to meet each other, and encourage supporting other sports. This allows us to have a closer knit team. We do a golf fundraiser during season the past two years – Pars for Patriots and this year Swing for Shriners. This giving donations and time to a cause also builds team comradely.
  • We had a team building car wash that helped raise money for some clayton gear. We also had a Barbecue and paintball outing that was meant to help unite the team.
  • BBQ, Fund Raisers, Paint Ball, Movie Nights, Bowling
  • Team dinners/players only Youth clinics Youth Coaches Clinic Youth clinics for special needs kids
  • Go out to dinner as a team – ie. pizza or something

Value to CHS

Did you know what VALUE our Coaches bring to CHS STUDENTS and the District? (WORD CLOUD):

Examples of Value our Coaches bring to CHS:

  • Self care, growth, well roundedness
  • It provides students with opportunities to put in the work to see progress and compete in all areas.
  • Athletics provide an extension of the classroom and a feeling of belonging. Each sport offers a reflection of life, allowing for mistakes, and offering an opportunity to grow.
  • Self confidence and the confirmation that they can push themselves in any arena – classroom, pool or anywhere.
  • It should promote teamwork, dedication and help develop young men and women
  • Athletics allows students to develop relationships with their fellow students and coaching staff outside of the classroom. In addition students can develop teamwork skills by working towards a common goal.
  • Great value
  • I feel that student athletes are held at a higher standard. There is many times when our staff talks about academics and how not pushing themselves in the classroom with directly influence them on the track. We want our athletes to have the same standards they set for themselves on the track as they set in the classroom. We want our athletes to go to college and have an opportunity to participate in a track and field program if they want to.
  • Athletics is crucial in the development of students. Life lessons such as the value of commitment, hard work, dealing with adversity, displaying mental toughness, being part of a team with a common goal, selflessness and resolve are all traits developed through the athletic vehicle.
  • Brings students together who may not interact with each other on a regular basis. Teaches them teamwork as well how to handle setbacks and failures when they inevitably occur. It teaches them sportsmanship and respect for themselves, coaches and teammates.
  • It teaches our students that things in life are earned and not given, how to work as a team and how to overcome obstacles in their life. When adversity comes, which it will, how do we react to it?
  • School pride, self-confidence, and respect for their fellow students
  • The ability to physically express themselves. The ability to demonstrate competence/excellence. The ability to learn new things. The ability to see things from other perspectives. The concept of being on a team. Learning how to deal with challenges. Learning how to remain composed in a chaotic or pressure-filled situation. Become better soccer players.
  • Particularly for Clayton students, it helps them live life lessons with how to handle difficult situations. It provides opportunities for our students to overcome unique obstacles. It most definitely teaches CHS students how to be a team player as well as provide opportunities to be leaders.
  • Respect
  • Leadership, how to work with a team, being able to take feedback
  • Almost can’t put into words the value organized high school athletics provides. It will provide and teach lessons that kids will carry with them for life. The relationships built will also last a lifetime. There is a plethora of adjectives that one learns from athletic experiences.. commitment, dedication, perseverance, teamwork, communication, responsibility, accountability, physical and mental toughness, etc, etc..
  • It builds grit and collaboration
  • An outlet where a student can succeed in a variety ways in a different arena
  • It’s vital to the growth & balance of the whole child.
  • An outlet from school work and an opportunity to be active and represent the school and community
  • I cannot put words to how much sports does from our high school students. The friendships that are born, and the character that is built will last a lifetime.
  • Perseverance
  • A great deal – chance to work with others, learn how to handle success and failure, experience in time management, and what it means to prepare for reaching a goal.
  • Hard work, dedication, commitment to something bigger than yourself, overcoming adversity and learning how to deal with failure (which this generation needs!), success, how to win and lose with class, character, enjoyment, pride.
  • Vigor
  • Perseverance
  • All around growth of student Personally and physically
  • Being a student/athlete my whole life, including college, I believe it shaped me to be an all-around good person. It teaches you to manage multiple aspects of your life all at once.
  • Mental and physical toughness.
  • I think outside the obvious health benefits of exercising every day for a few hours, it also provides experiences you can’t get anywhere else. Football is the ultimate team sport. Every person on the field has to do their job for the good of the whole team. Building teamwork and trust in team mates is a crucial element of the sport. It is also a game that requires some understanding. Thinking through different scenarios of the game helps kids grow in their ability to understand and anticipate what will happen and make a quick decision on how to proceed.
  • Activity opportunities, charterer building, lots of life lesson learning.
  • I believe athletics provides lifelong value to students. Not only is athletics good for you physically, but it also teaches healthy competition, time management & discipline.
  • Time management and Confidence
  • I believe CHS values sport and extracurricular activities in order to grow students outside of the classroom.
  • make them mentally and physically stronger, getting along and good team work
  • I believe that it offers students a great opportunity to become great leaders, it teaches them discipline and effective team work
  • Sports are something we do, but they aren’t the source of pride for our community they could be.
  • It is a tremendous opportunity for our student-athletes to find themselves in vulnerable but emotionally supportive situations, prove they are human and times in making mistakes and growing personally more in times of failure than success.
  • It is invaluable to helping to form a well-rounded young person. Friendships, pride, grit, goal setting, physical well-being, mental stress relief and mental well being
  • Healthy and positive way to build relationships and be a part of a team
  • Competitiveness and strong work ethic in life
  • To manage multiple aspects of your life


Below, coaches reflect on some of their favorite success stories and memories while coaching at CHS:

  • Watching older athletes encourage new ones
  • My favorite success story at CHS is the athletes who show up day after day without great glory/fanfare. These are the ones who put the time in to improve their skills, and to help the team in any way possible. They may not fill the stat sheets, but we cannot do without the role that they play.
  • My favorites are the stories about the swimmers who are just learning the sport. When someone breaks a minute in the 50 free for the first time or challenges a friend to a swim off at the end of practice. I love it when kids do push themselves really hard and break thru a perceived “time barrier.”
  • Seeing kids come back after they graduate and share their stories about entering the real world.
  • Any time we beat Ladue, no matter what sport it is.
  • Seeing a student-athlete graduate that start off with Academic issues.
  • I have had two athletes compete at state in 2018. The success was that they did not finish where they wanted to and we had great conversations on what they will need to do to compete to get where they want to go next year. This shows that my message of always improve on what you have already done is something that has stuck with them and now they believe it.
  • Making a vast improvement from December to February illustrated in a run to the District finals in which we defeated a team that previously defeated us by 15 points in December.
  • Just seeing individual players with very little baseball background improve their skills and embrace team roles.
  • None yet as I am new but excited to make some memories with students at CHS.
  • I enjoy having seeing my former athletes in the community and having them tell me how much they enjoyed their running experience and how it improved their overall high school experience
  • My first year as a JV coach, I asked the boys if they had any goals for the year. One of them thought it would be great if we could somehow get to .500 since that hadn’t been the norm. We ended up winning about 75% of our games because the boys were focused in practice and were able to demonstrate and then build on success during the year.
  • Last year in a game where the varsity squad was heavily outmatched by a Parkway school I asked the team to pick 2 goals. Our goals were simple. We wanted to score more than the JV squad did, 15 points in 2 games, and to force Parkway to take a timeout. The girls elevated there play score more than 15 points in just the first game. After going down 10-5 in the second game, the girls went on a 5 point rally and forced Parkway to take a time out.The girls showed amazing determination and never gave up. We might not have won the match, but that was our best mental effort we had all year.
  • Winning my first football game as the head coach last year vs Jennings.
  • My freshman learning ways to approach someone in charge and how sometimes you need to do things that you might not want to do.
  • There’s not one in particular, but the several individuals who have made it to the state golf tournament have all had incredible experiences
  • Growing the tennis program to great numbers and being selected by the St. Louis District Tennis Assoc. as high school coach of the year totally not based on win/ loss record.
  • My favorite story is the girls golf team is growing in popularity, and that 3 girls golfers have gone on to play golf in college!
  • Players taking the time out of their young adult lives to come back and visit to share stories, and check in. It doesn’t happen with them all, that’s why it is special. Not going to lie, ripping off 4 district titles didn’t hurt!
  • Helping an athlete learn to consistently hit a golf ball by the time he graduated. He started his first year having never hit a ball before.
  • Losing to a team by almost 30 over Winter break. After that we went back to the drawing board and started to play well. At the end of the season we played many good teams very close but barely lost. Going into districts we received the 6 seed. We beat the 3 seed, who was very good. Then 2 days later beat the 2 seed (who beat us by 30 earlier in the year). This group deserved those wins. They bought into our system and worked like crazy every single day. It was really satisfying to see them rewarded on the court. 2. Last season we lost 9 games in a row. We lost for over a month. However, if anyone would have walked into our practice you would have never guessed it. Our kids never became discouraged. They showed up every day ready to work hard and continue to buy in. That will never show up in the record books, but I’m extremely proud of that group.
  • Every year we have a handful of Freshman who have never stunted before and they leave the season being able to do all the basics and even more advanced stunts.
  • Had two girls qualify for state as sophomores and they started the sport as freshman – made the top 16 at state
  • During our last regular season we won 2 games total. We knew it would be hard, but we had a goal of making it to the championship game of districts. We were playing a team that beat us during the regular season. My girls never gave up and we were able to win the game by a lot advancing us to the championship game. My players felt accomplished because our season did not go well, but we persevered through to make it to our goal.
  • Getting athletes to open up and begin communicating with me as a coach as well as a mentor.
  • Maybe I am being a prisoner of the moment, but our most recent game, season opener win at Gateway STEM who knocked us out two years prior was the most positive. We are very small in numbers, but we don’t lack any fight. Our young men have worked so hard over the off season, and to start this one, and it really showed in that 33-0 win.
  • Facilitating one of our athletes to qualify at the state tournament and almost place when it was his first time at state. Also the compliments from another athletes parents on the growth of their child from the state of their athletic career
  • My favorite success story while coaching at CHS is coaching one student for one year and seeing his growth as an athlete and seeing his confidence grow throughout the season. As I saw His confidence grow, he was also one of my most improved athlete. It was nice to take the journey together. It was a small thing but it was nice to watch and reflect on.
  • A sophomore golfer that came into our program brand new to the sport. Her commitment and willingness to work hard in and out of season was evident her junior year on varsity. She was easy to connect with since I am not STL born and I understand the difficulties of fitting in. She fell in love with the team, sport, and now is playing in college! I played in college and the golf team friends I have are still my closet friends today! I am confident she will continue to grow as an adult and golf has given her confidence and something to identify with as a passion in her life.
  • Working with underclassman and watching them develop into stronger players.
  • watching they players enjoying their successes
  • My favorite success story is helping kids reach the next level. It gives us great credit when we can help students reach college and or obtain jobs.
  • Winning a district championship
  • I have three: Participating in the State Final Four in ‘2010’, while upsetting higher ranked teams, 5 times along the way to a 3rd Place finish. Secondly, the team toping the Metro Rankings at #1 and lastly watching and supporting the maturing and emotional development of many athletes, during my 9 years at CHS.
  • One is having former players attend my mom’s funeral. Our 2015 season where we went to the quarterfinal was special, as well as our first district championship in 2013.
  • Helping a freshman who is brand new to the game learn the proper free throw form at her first practice and watching her make 11/20. Seeing her excitement and encouraging her to stick with it and just try to get better at one thing each day.
  • Having players come back to practices after graduation and provide support and stories to younger players
  • Finishing my first season at Clayton with only 3 losses.
  • Hearing success stories of girls continuing at the next of education and athletics.