Our primary goal is to provide each student-­‐athlete in our program an opportunity to grow and mature as a young man. Along the way, players’ knowledge of and skills in the game of baseball will increase but ultimately we are looking to develop a healthy work ethic, strong character, integrity, and self-­‐image in each player. We feel strongly that the further we progress toward these objectives, the more successful we will be on and off the field.


We believe that playing high school athletics is a privilege, which is earned each day. Our expectations are high for each student-­‐athlete in the program. We expect all to be productive citizens in the school community and attend school each day to learn and mature. It is doubtful that our players will pursue professional baseball careers and few will play baseball in college. As such, we continually emphasize the importance of learning in the classroom. We believe that in addition to classroom learning, the student athlete has the opportunity to develop the important life skills referenced above through daily competition. We feel that the terms “coach” and “teacher” are one in the same and we take our charge seriously. We expect a full commitment to the team from each player with not only timely and consistent attendance at practices and games but also a focused commitment of concentration during practices and games. Lastly, we expect each player to exhibit enthusiasm and love for the game of baseball and commitment to the concept of “team”. This level of commitment and character is a major point of emphasis in our


program this year. We will summarize these expectations with the phrase “Greyhound Pride”. When we use this phrase during games and practices we are

reminding ourselves of our commitment to these expectations.