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Many of our student athletes are in a hurry before/after practice and games. Typically the last thing on their mind is food, yet it should be their top priority. Getting nutrients in their body is essential to performing at their highest potential. Studies show the first 30 minutes post workout are the most vital in replenishing all the nutrients used during competition. The athletic department wants to help provide a quick snack, and we are asking for your help! Please consider donating granola or protein bars to the athletic office that we can provide to the hungry Hounds. Students will be able to access a bar (limit one per day) through our Athletic Trainer, Kristin Saunders.

The next time you are grocery shopping and there’s room in your cart, please think about helping the student athletes of Clayton! Please drop off your donation at the athletic office, and if you have any questions contact Kristin at Thanks! Go hounds!