Multiple Teams · Baseball–A Note from Coach Sucher–2020 Spring Break/Adzick Field Opener

Hi everybody,

I have exciting news to share. “Demo Day” could begin as early as Monday, July 8th for the conversion of field 7 to Adzick Field stadium. We are confident the field will be completed in the fall of this year. Partly because of our new facility and also because this is a “roll back” year with MSHSAA scheduling, we are going to approach our Spring Break differently. The alignment of our Spring Break with the MSHSAA first allowable contest date makes a very tight window to do our typical Kentucky trip while we have a first-class facility waiting for us at home. For this year only, we are deciding to have a stay-cation to kick off our season and open Adzick Field. Details to follow, but one special component already booked is that Marshall County will be joining us; they moved their tournament a week later so they could come up. 

It is important to note that our Varsity players will have 15 opportunities to attend the 14 required practices prior to playing in the first contest (players competing in the winter season are exempt).

Mon. 3/2 first day of practice

Tues. 3/3 practice

Wed. 3/4 practice

Thurs. 3/5 practice

Fri. 3/6 practice

Sat. 3/7 practice

Sun. 3/8 optional practice

Mon. 3/9 practice

Tues. 3/10 practice

Wed. 3/11 practice

Thurs. 3/12 practice (last day of classes before Spring Break)

Fri. 3/13 practice ends by 10a (first day of Spring Break)

Sat. 3/14 no practice

Sun. 3/15 no practice

Mon. 3/16 no practice

Tues. 3/17 practice at 7p

Wed. 3/18 practice

Thurs. 3/19 practice

Fri. 3/20 game (date of first allowed contest and Adzick Field opener)

Sat. 3/21 doubleheader

This is a great time to be a Greyhound! Take care. Suke