Multiple Teams · Spring Sports Parent Night – 3/12/19

Just a reminder that the Spring Sports Parent meeting will be Tuesday, March 12th – 2019, at 6:00pm in the Library.

The agenda (below) includes a review of the Clayton High School Athletic Philosophy and MSHSAA eligibility in addition to breakout sessions with coaches.

A copy of the MSHSAA Eligibility Brochure can also be found below:

MSHSAA – 2018-19 Eligibility Standards Flyer


If you prefer to view this eligibility information in “article form” click here.


Orientation – Let’s get started!

Introductions – Bob, Lee, Debbie, Kristin, Dr. Gutchewsky


  • Get on the same page
  • Positive educational experience

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MSHSAA Eligibility Video

  • SLIDES 6, 7, 8, 14

Code of Conduct

  • Added Layer of Responsibility – 3 Strikes and Out (10%, 20%, 180 School Days)

MSHSAA Citizenship

  • If Law Enforcement is involved its out of our Hands
  • Not Eligible until all Court Rulings/Punishment Associated with the Case is Resolved


  • Educational experience is our 1st Priority
  • Participation Policy – Only 3 unexcused Absences
  • Participation on Lower Level Teams is valued
  • Behavior in School/Sportsmanship
  • Communication
  • VISION – Pride, Tradition, Legacy (PTL) and MTXE – Mental Toughness Extra Effort
  • Winning at the Varsity Level – Is our goal – Not our Purpose

Coaches Intro – (See PowerPoint)

  • Introduce Seasonal Coaches and have them give an outlook on the upcoming season.
  • Baseball – Craig Sucher
  • Track – David Brechin
  • Boys Tennis – Mark Borst – NEW
  • Girls Soccer – Tom Redmond
  • Boys Golf – Chris Moody
  • Waterpolo – Dave Kohmetscher
  • Girls LaX – Lexie Lindblad

Eligibility – 14 Days of Practice

  • Current Documents on File (electronic) – Physical, Emergency Contact, ImPact, TOAD

Academic Requirements

  • 3.0 Credits Passed and Enrolled in
  • Do NOT Drop a Class w/o Approval
  • 2.0 MINIMUM GPA – Academic Support Quarter Grades

Absences – 7 excusable absences allow at CHS:

  1. Illness
  2. Family Illness
  3. Deaths
  4. Medical or Dental
  5. Religious Observance
  6. Prior approval from principal (ie. College Visit)
  7. Afternoon AP exam


  • District Policy
    • LACK of District Buses
    • Rental Buses – Not a priority user
    • Rental Vans
    • Might be asked to drive/carpool
    • We ask everyone fills out Transportation form
  • Communication is the Key
  • You can ONLY Sign your Child Out

Parent Sportsmanship

  • Lead by Example and Represent CHS and our kids in a Positive Manner  

Secondary Medical Insurance

  • Is NO longer carried by the district

Chain of Communication

  • Student to Coach → Parent/Student to Coach→ Parent/Student to AD → Principal

ImPact Concussion Testing

  • Free of Charge
  • Not Mandatory but Part of Eligibility Paperwork – Need to Sign Off
  • Creates a Baseline for Physicians to help with Diagnoses and Recovery

Captains Council

  • Identified Leaders in the School that help Communicate and Enhance Athletics

Athletic Advisory Committee

  • AD/Parent/Coach Group that provides community feedback and recommendations

Program Survey – Feedback

  • Seasonal Surveys sent to all Parents and Players at the End of the Season

GOLF TOURNAMENT – May 4th, 8am 2019 – Gateway National

Where to Find Us?

  • Down the commons hallway on the right before Stuber Gym

Break-Out Session into Teams

  • Meet and Greet with Coaching Staff to discuss Program Expectations
  • Library – Baseball
    Health Room A – Girls Soccer
    Health Room B – Girls LaX
    Room 100 – Boys and Girls Track
    Room 104 – Boys Tennis
  • Room 106 –  Boys Golf
  • Room 108 – Waterpolo