Multiple Teams · Spring Practices – INDOOR SCHEDULE this Week -3/4/19

It looks like the weather will have us inside most of the week.

Below is what our schedule will look like.

Please keep in mind it will be even more cramped than usual tonight as girls basketball is still in post-season and will practice in Stuber.

Indoor Locations:

Baseball: Stuber Balcony Cage, Center Courts #3 and #4 (Split with LaX)

Track: Center Track and Stuber Health Rooms

Tennis: Center Track, Weight Room and Stuber Health Rooms

Soccer:  Stuber Gym and Center Court #1

Golf: CHS Classroom 29

Waterpolo: Center Pool

LaX: Center Courts #3 and #4 (Split with Baseball)

Example for LaX and Baseball: Both will share Center Courts #3/4 after school

  • Baseball 3:15-4pm both Courts #3/#4
  • SPLIT – Baseball 4pm-5pm Court #3 AND LaX 4-5pm Court #4
  • LaX 5-5:45pm both Courts #3/#4

Spring Sports – Practice Locations – 2019