Multiple Teams · NCAA – October 2018 Newsletter


Free NCAA Online Course

In partnership with the National Federation of State High School Associations, the NCAA Eligibility Center has developed a free online NCAA Initial-Eligibility Course. Counselors and coaches can visit and complete this free initial-eligibility course, which will familiarize them with the Division I and II academic requirements, as well as the Eligibility Center’s registration and certification processes required for college-bound student-athletes. It’s a great tool for you and your colleagues. Please pass it on!

Profile Account

One of the most significant recent enhancements of the NCAA Eligibility Center’s registration website is the creation of the Profile Page account. The Profile Page account gives college-bound student-athletes the opportunity to make the best decision about their college choices earlier in their high school careers. Students may now choose from the traditional Certification Account for those wanting to attend and compete at Division I and II schools, or a free Profile Page account for those attending Division III schools or who are not yet sure at which school they want to attend and compete.

Registration for a Profile Page account is free and easy. Students should expect 10 to 20 minutes to complete a Profile Page account. Also, if a student with a Profile Page account desires to compete at the Division I or II level, they can easily transition to a Certification account and pay the registration fee to begin their certification process. Please encourage your freshmen student-athletes to register for a free Profile Page account.

The Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete is our most comprehensive student resource.
Our Initial-Eligibility Brochure provides a general overview of the NCAA Eligibility Center requirements.
Students can learn which NCAA division may be right for them by comparing the three NCAA divisions.