Girls Junior Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · Girls Tennis – Week One Recap – 2018

Hello Tennis Parents!!

Week ONE is officially in the books. Hopefully your daughters are now acclimated to the early wake up time – it certainly helped avoid the heat.

We have one of our largest tennis teams… 40 wonderful young women, eager to play.

Introducing the coaches:
Susie Luten- Head Varsity Coach
Rich Chappuis- Assistant Varsity Coach
Jennifer McKeown- JV Coach 

What have we done this week?
Evaluate the players. We are trying to become familiar with each player’s strengths and weaknesses. We are beginning to determine the “rank order” of the players by playing challenge matches.

How does a challenge match work?
Player”A” plays Player “B” and upon completion of their match, the score is recorded.

What else is rank order used for?
Once we determine the top 12 players, we then can begin to establish our Varsity team.

Are challenge matches the only thing you use to decide if a player should be on Varsity?
No. Since a large part of the season is doubles play, we will evaluate that as well. We hope to have the Varsity team selected by the middle of next week. 

What does my daughter wear for tennis?
Shirts are being ordered for the girls which we are asking them to pay for since they wear them so frequently. We will determine the cost later. If anyone is unable to pay they can discuss this with me privately. Girls are required to provide:
A white skirt or shorts
A hat or visor 
A water bottle
Shoes appropriate for tennis
A tennis racquet 

Important reminders for the season:
Need to have 14 official practices in order to be eligible to play first match
3 unexcused absences result in dismissal from the team
Students are required to ride to and from matches on the bus

Important dates:
Monday August 13– 5pm– Impact testing in computer lab room:

Wednesday August 15– Practice begins at Shaw Park after school and ends at 5

Tuesday August 21– 6pm– Parents Meeting in the Commons. After group meeting we will meet as a team

Monday August 27– First March
JV- Shaw Park vs. Villa
Varsity- Villa away

At the end of each week,you will receive correspondence by way of an email with a link to the website by both the JV coach ( Jen) and myself. The brief letter will contain info from the week and a preview of the week ahead.

Looking forward to working with your daughters this season.

See you on the courts!!

-Coach Susie Luten