Multiple Teams · Girls Soccer – Kaitlyn Sharp Signs with Centre College

Clayton High School is proud to announce the signing of CHS Girls Soccer player Kaitlyn Sharp to Centre College.

The event took place in the CHS Greyhound Room, 5/17/18, after school around 3:15pm.

High School Coaches, parents, family, friends, teachers, administrators and fellow students were all in attendance.

It was a special day as Kaitlyn earned the right to continue her soccer career in college.

This signing truly is a testament to the commitment of our school, students and community here in Clayton.

Below is a look at how Kaitlyn came to her decision:

“From a young age, I always felt that soccer served as a way for me to connect with other people.

I had the opportunity to live overseas in Sweden and Switzerland for a combined eight years, from kindergarten until the end of 7th grade. When we first moved abroad, it was hard to make friends at first because my classmates came from different countries and spoke different languages.

At times, it was hard for all of us to communicate, but during recess there would always be groups of my classmates doing different things: playing sports, sitting on the swings, playing in the sandboxes, etc. Reflecting back on those moments now, I realize that we were able to communicate with each other most effectively through our common interests rather than having to verbally communicate. Personally, I find that very helpful because since I am a rather shy person, having conversations with other people has not always been my forte. Anyone who knows me will realize this too. But the people I am closest to, especially my parents and coaches, will realize that soccer has helped me become more confident as a person on and off the field.

I knew that because soccer allowed me to express myself and communicate with others in this way, it would always play an important role in my life.

When I started to look at colleges, I did not know what I wanted, but as I started visiting different campuses, I was able to create a clearer picture of what I wanted and what I did not. I wanted to find a school with a small campus and small class sizes that helped me best excel academically and athletically while giving me the opportunity to study abroad.

Centre College has been ranked in the top 3 for study abroad programs the past few years. When I visited the campus in October, during their Homecoming weekend, I felt at home right away. Students and staff would approach me to make sure I knew where I was going, and almost everyone who walked by me either asked me, “How has your day been?” or simply said, “Hello.” When the time came for my mother and I to return to St. Louis, I turned to her and said, “Where has this been my whole life?” She let out a little laugh, but I think we both knew at that moment that Centre was the perfect fit for me. I returned in early April to visit a couple classes and meet with the coaches for a second time, and by the end of my second visit I knew my decision had been made.

I cannot thank my coaches, my family, and especially my parents enough for their support over the past few years. I look forward to my next four years at Centre College.

Go Colonels!”

On behalf of the Athletic Department we would like to congratulate Kaitlyn and her family!
The photo gallery is posted and can be found by clicking here.