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Girls Varsity Tennis · Girls Tennis – End of Season Note from Coach Luten

As 8 seniors graduate this year and leave our tennis “family” I would like to give you a few things to think about.
Tennis is an individual sport and a risky proposition.  Every time you walk out onto the court by yourself there are 2 possible outcomes- a win or a loss. How do you handle this? How does this make you feel? It takes a strong person to put oneself out there and take that risk.  It is not about wins and losses but  how you handle this.
When you leave CHS Tennis you will certainly take with you a knowledge of the game of tennis- the ability to serve, return and volley- but hopefully you will take with you a bit more. Melinda Gates said” A woman with a voice is, by definition,a strong woman”.  Rich and I hope that you have learned to ” have a voice” this year.  We hope by making definitive line calls, calling out the score loud and clear and by practicing sticking up for yourself when another does not play fairly, that you will take these skills with you always advocating for yourself and presenting with a strong voice. We are so proud of the wonderful young women you are.
Thank you parents for sharing your daughters with us!!
– Coach Susie