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Greyhounds News · CHS Sports Offerings and Start Dates

FALL SPORTS 2015                                                  WINTER SPORTS 2015-2016

First day of practice-August 3                                     First day of practice-November 2

Football (Varsity, JV, Fr)                                             Boys Basketball (Varsity, Soph., Fr)

Boys Soccer (Varsity, JV, Fr)                                      Wrestling (Varsity, JV, Fr)

Boys Swimming                                                          Girls Basketball (Varsity, JV, Fr)

Boys Cross Country (Varsity, JV)                               PomPons/Dance

Softball                                                                        Cheerleading (Varsity, JV)

Girls Cross Country (Varsity, JV)                                Girls Swimming-Starts November 9, 2015

Girls Tennis (Varsity, JV, Fr)

Field Hockey (Varsity, JV)

Cheerleading (Varsity, JV)

Girls Golf

Girls Volleyball (Varsity, JV, Fr)



First day of practice-February 29, 2016

Baseball (Varsity, JV, Fr)

Boys Golf (Varsity, JV)

Boys Tennis (Varsity, JV)

Boys Track (Varsity, JV)

Girls Soccer (Varsity, JV, Fr)

Girls Track (Varsity, JV)

Girls Lacrosse (Varsity, JV)

Co-ed Water Polo (Varsity, JV)-Starts February 22,2016